Megator Completes Navy Pump Contracts Totaling $1.3 Million

Megator Corporation, of Pittsburgh, Pa., recently completed U.S.

Navy contracts valued at $1.3 million. Megator Corporation is the manufacturer of the Megator "Sliding- Shoe Pump." This positive displacement pump had been selected by NAVSEA to undergo extensive NAVSSES testing as a replacement candidate for existing oily waste transfer pumps aboard U.S. Navy aircraft carriers and escort ships. A prerequisite 250-hour landbased endurance test, performed at NAVSSES, revealed the Megator Sliding-Shoe Pump to be a durable and reliable pump requiring little maintenance or attention. Pump design allows for loss of prime and dry running for extended periods with no damage and instant repriming. Any maintenance required is simplified by easy disassembly and accessibility of the few moving parts. The pump is cabable of handling most materials while providing consistent self-priming and constant flow against discharge heads ranging to 110 pounds per square inch.

The excellent performance of the Megator Sliding-Shoe Pump while undergoing endurance testing resulted in sea trials with the same results.

The Megator Sliding-Shoe Pump is an off-the-shelf pump meeting Grade A shock for fleet requirements. This feature has saved considerable cost to the Navy in both unit price and parts replacement. For more information and free literature on the Sliding-Shoe Pump from Megator, C i r c l e 2 4 o n R e a d e r S e r v i c e C a rd

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