Marine Industries Northwest Repowers Washington State Ferry

Marine Industries Northwest, Inc., of Tacoma, Wash., recently repowered the 124-foot car ferry M/V Guenemes for Skagit County, Washington.

The primary conversion work on the double-ended ferry consisted of removing two existing skidmounted angle drive propulsion units and related steerage systems. The new propulsion units consist of GM-Detroit Diesel 12V 92 turbocharged engines powering Ulstein Maritime outboard type right angle Z drive with 360-degree rotatable steerage system. The power upgrade installation required engine foundation fabrication, strengthening of hull brackets for outdrive attachements, extension of engine jacket water skin coolers, sea chest upgrades, and modifications to fuel, hydraulic, cooling, and ballast piping systems.

The pilothouse control console was rebuilt to accommodate a new control panel for the propulsion/ steering units.

The Guenemes, with a capacity for 19 vehicles and 102 passengers, provides service between the city of Anacortes and Guenemes Island. For free literature detailing the services of Marine Industries Northwest,

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